Veröffentlicht am: 26. Juni 2013

Excursion to Salzburg with Mrs Unterberger and our English assistant Holly

Our excursion to the MdM in Salzburg on May 22 was not only a possibility to spend one more day off school after Whitsun, but also the chance to enjoy an English lesson in an art environment.

Under the guidance of two professional museum educationists we attended a workshop about Alex Katz and his friend Rudy Burckhardt. Mr Katz is an artist famous for his paintings of people, houses and landscapes and Mr Burckhardt is a well-reputed photographer and filmmaker.

Both artists are enormously interested in the vibrant metropolis New York and the idyll one can find in Maine.

In the course of our work we described and interpreted several paintings and we even made the motives talk in different dialogues. The closer we looked at the paintings the more we could see and even feel in them.